Cowes Week / Class Championships 2010 - URGENT

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Andy Johns
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Cowes Week / Class Championships 2010 - URGENT

Post by Andy Johns » Wed May 19, 2010 7:50 pm

A number of deadlines are fast approaching and it would be hugely helpful if those intending to enter Cowes Week and compete in the Class Championships could enter the regatta and let Jo know if you want one of the “Sigma City” E pontoon berths.

Reservation of Pontoon: 1200 Friday May 21st
‘Early bird’ discounted entry fee: before 1700 on Mon 14th June (enter online at

Cowes Week is 10 weeks away and we need to get clear indication of the number of boats entered in order to organise some great socials! We are keenly aware that everyone is busy but it would be a huge help if you could reply to this email and let Jo if you are entering, or not.

If anyone is hesitant on the basis of lack of crew please let Jo know. There are a number of Sigma 33 sailors from the Irish, Northern Irish, and Scottish fleets who have expressed an interest in coming down, either as a Team sailing with an owner or as willing and able Sigma sailors to fill in some gaps.

The Sigma 33 website is also pushing out lots of relevant info: including the rest of the South Coast programme

Looking forward to seeing the entries flooding in ;-)

Andy Johns, Jeff Worboys, David Crawforth and Jo Chugg

PS for those already entered…. thanks!!!