Free Ferry Service Restored for Cowes Week

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Free Ferry Service Restored for Cowes Week

Post by Andy Johns » Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:37 pm

As all regular Cowes Week sailors will be aware, the ferry service (or lack of it in 2009) was a complete disaster!! Stuart Quarrie met with Jeff Worboys and Andy Johns to discuss the format of our Class Championships last week(more on that to follow) and held his hand up to making a mistake on cancelling the free ferry service last year.(The difficult financial climate made for difficult decisions some of which they got wrong). The good news is that the service will be reintroduced. This is of significant benefit to the "Sigma City" on the pontoons, as it means we can get out to our boats for free, without being held hostage by the River Taxi Barons!!! Details of the service are below. A lot of boats send a few crew out to collect the boat and then pick up the remainder from the jetty below the sail for Gold bar.

For Moorings contact Jo Chugg - we have reserved a number for Class members.
For 2010, Solent & Wightline, courtesy of East Cowes Marina and Cowes Harbour Commission, will provide a free upriver ferry service.

This service will run in a circuit between Town Quay (Cowes High Street) to Whitegates W & E pontoons and East Cowes Marina from Saturday 31 July until the morning of Saturday 7 August inclusive. The provisional timetable (which will be modified for fireworks night) is as follows:

Date Departure from Town Quay
Morning 0745 0830 0915 1000
Afternoon 1600 1645 1730 1815 1900 1945
Evening 2115 2200 2300

Please note that there will also be commercial ferries in operation which will charge for their use.