Cowes Week - Message from Jo

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Cowes Week - Message from Jo

Post by Andy Johns » Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:17 pm

There are a number of items that the Sigma Committee would like to bring to your attention.

Boat Inspections

In accordance with our current policy of inspecting all boats competing at the major regattas and to maintain the one design status of our class, inspections will be taking place after racing on Saturday. After the finish of the first race each Sigma needs to check the yacht which finished ahead, with the winning yacht inspecting the last boat in the class. Inspections do not take long to complete it everyone cooperates. The majority of boats are moored up the River on Whitegate’s and it is suggested that once clear of the finish area boats make their way slowly up river and rendezvous with the boat ahead.

The completed forms should be returned to one of the following: Jeff Worboys (Workout) or Andy Johns (Shadowfax). If a boat has items that need to be re-inspected this is checked on the Sunday after racing by Andy and Jeff.


All boat owners entered in the Regatta must be members of the Class Association. In addition all Helmsmen must be Associate or Full members of the Association. Application forms for any new members must be completed and in the hands of the Class Secretary by the start of racing.


In accordance with the One Design Rules only sails made by Elvstrom Sobstad may be used in this event. Each boat must carry the following sails; Mainsail, No 1 genoa, No 2 genoa, working jib, storm jib along with the light and heavy spinnakers for the duration of the Regatta. No additional sails on board except a storm trysail is permitted. (The class is testing a no.3 blade – this may be carried for use after racing if boats wish to test the sail)


One design sailing, by definition, can be very close and very exciting which is why most of us do it. However, close racing requires close observation of the rules of racing if evenings in protest rooms are to be avoided. Waiting for a couple of hours to have a protest heard is not much fun, particularly at Cowes Week where there tends to be a very long queue! Most protest situations are easily avoided, particularly port and starboard incidents where an early bear away is rarely very costly.

We want to maintain high standards in the Sigma fleet and by observing both the spirit as well as the letter of the racing rules we can ensure enjoyable racing and more beer!

Pontoon Party

As is now traditional, Monday after sailing is the Pontoon Party. Most boats drop off a couple of crew to get some booze, ice and nibbles who can then get a water taxi out to Whitegate's. Shadowfax and Workout will provide the tunes!

Have a good week.


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