Round the Isle (Man) Race

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Round the Isle (Man) Race

Post by Andy Johns » Sat May 08, 2010 9:15 pm

Just thought you might like to know that Whitehaven based Honey of Bosham, owned and skippered by Laurie Clarke, has just received some quality silverware for beating off all opposition and finishing first in class at the 55th Round the Island race held last Sunday. This is, of course, the Isle of Man we are referring to!

Laurie is a quiet chap, never one to blow his own trumpet so I thought I would do it for him!

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Re: Round the Isle (Man) Race

Post by Kuba » Mon May 10, 2010 5:55 am


Thanks for creating this post - I couldn't :oops:

Yes indeed Honey of Bosham did extremely well in her class, by winning it :D - WELL DONE GUYS!!!

Unfortunately they did not race in IRC and therefore were not in the same class as other 2 Sigmas.

Nevertheless, as stated in my other post, top 4 boats and 3 Sigmas !!! We have one hell of a boat guys :lol: It was also lovely view after 8 hours of racing: 3 Sigmas abreast in Douglas bay, at this point it was anyones race :lol:

If you are interested in full results and detailed report please check Jeremy Colman's (Sea Pie of Cultra) report:

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