Pouch Cell Pilot Line price

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Pouch Cell Pilot Line price

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Lithium ion Battery Making Machine Semi-auto Stacking Machine for Electrode and Seperator Laminating
TOB-S-DP-150 is a high-accuracy Semi-auto stacking machine with many advanced features to ensure a stable, repeatable and precise electrode stacking. It adopts "Z" glyph laminated.
Advanced Features:
1 PLC Touch Screen Control with easy condition setting
2 Continuous "Z" fashion stacking with a separator
3 Auto electrode pick-up & stacking via vacuum suction manipulator
4 Through four manipulator to remove electrode from material box placed second para platform, after calibration then place on lamination platform, laminated with automatic clamping device on stage.
5 Unreeling rotors for separator film feeding
6 Auto-tension control for separator film delivery
ModelSemi auto stacking machine TOB-S-DP-150
Suitable battery sizeThickness H (mm)5-20
Width W (mm)30-90
Length L (mm)80-150
Tab length (mm)≤20
Tab width (mm)≤20
Technology parameterStacking speed1.3-1.5s/piece
Registration accuracy±0.5mm
Stacking quantityCan be set
Percent of pass≥98%
Material sizeElectrodeLength: 80-150mm
Width: 30-90mm
Thickness: 0.07-0.25mm
TabLength: ≤20mm
Width: 8-20mm
SeparatorLength: in roll
Width: 90-150mm
Thickness: 0.02-0.04mm
Inner diameter: 76.2mm
Max out diameter: 300mmPouch Cell Pilot Line price

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Re: Pouch Cell Pilot Line price

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