West Highland Yachting Week 2013

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Donald McLaren
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West Highland Yachting Week 2013

Post by Donald McLaren » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:07 pm

West Highland Yachting Week, already the biggest yachting event in the Scottish calendar, enjoys its 65th birthday in 2013. There has been a strong tradition of Sigma 33 participation over the years, and the top two trophies in 2012 went to Alan Harper (Leaky Roof 2) - Overall Winner, all classes - and Donald McLaren (Sigmatic) - Best Overall Performance, family classes. As well as the obligatory wet and windy racing - 22 miles up to Tobermory with 30 knots of breeze on the stern - there were days of idyllic conditions - particularly between Tobermory and Ardnamurchan - with dolphins, basking sharks and minke whales joining in the fun.

Racing is in handicap class groupings, with non-spinnaker (family) class options to accommodate the hordes of children participating. The Clyde Yacht Clubs' Association handicap system is used, but CYCA handicaps are just £5 (used to be free, austerity has struck!) for fully-compliant Sigma 33 competitors who are Class Association members. Given enough entries (and one more than in 2012 would probably suffice), a one-design class would be on offer.

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Re: West Highland Yachting Week 2013

Post by Aubrey » Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:38 am

Just to add to Donald's comments on the West Highland Regatta, both Pippa iV and Elandra out of Dun Laoghaire took part in 2012 and we thought it was one of the best regattas ever! Highlights were the fantastic scenary, a casual friendly Scottish welcome, and the variety of racing. And by God did the Scots turn up the sunshine for our visit! I will always remember the sail down the Sound of Mull, 60 odd spinnakers pushing the fleet at barely controlable speeds.The lighter dingies surfed the waves zig zagging between the bigger boats. we may be there again this year!
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Re: West Highland Yachting Week 2013

Post by Stuart Brand » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:38 pm

We're toying with bringing Ephesian up to Scotland for the summer and so this could be on the agenda for us too, if we can persude enough of our crew to travel...
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Re: West Highland Yachting Week 2013

Post by Griogair » Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:34 pm

Hi Stuart,

I wasn't there but I was having a look at the WHYW website (http://www.whyw.co.uk) and there was seven Sigma 33's entered for Class 5 and two in Class 6 (white sail). I'm hoping that all the Sigma's that entered last year will be there this year, as I plan to enter (not white sail though). Potentially there could be a really good turnout, if boats that entered the class championships go on to enter WHYW.